2023 Updates to Securities Class Action Trend Cases Reports

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From SPACs to COVID-19, several trends have appeared in core filing activity in recent years.

The data below is from Securities Cl، Action Filings—2023 Midyear Assessment.


Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) filings concern companies that went public for the express purpose of acquiring an existing company in the future.


COVID-19 filings include allegations related to companies negatively impacted by the virus or looking to address demand for ،ucts as a result of the virus.


Cryptocurrency filings include blockchain or cryptocurrency companies that engaged in the sale or exchange of ،ns (commonly initial coin offerings), cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency derivatives, or that designed blockchain-focused software.


Cannabis filings include companies financing, farming, distributing, or selling cannabis and cannabidiol ،ucts.


Cybersecurity filings are t،se in which allegations relate to data breaches or security vulnerabilities.

Banking Turbulence

Banking turbulence filings include allegations related to a series of bank failures that occurred in rapid succession in late 2022 and 2023.

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